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The Secret Of Nikola Tesla 1980

                             Nikola Tesla Secret 1980

                           Here Is The Secret Of Nikola Tesla ( 1980 )

The Nikola Tesla is a great scientist. he had done a great job for whole the world as he the father of electricity.He had discovered the alpha waves and done a great job in the field of science . As today we are completely dependent on electricity. You know that if the nikola tesla don't think in the other way then electricity can't be used and today we can't think life without bthe electricity as our all works are dependent on electricity.

Nikola Tesla is the man who had invented the device through which we can use electricity.

Nikola Tesla thought of the other way.He had made this world very efficient by giving the device to use electricity.


Nikola Tesla had also researched on the alpha waves in the brain of human beings and told that they are between 6 Hz to 8 Hz. Nikola tesla made this universe full of light.

The secret of Nikola tesla was to use electricity via a many years old device . this was helpful to whole of the world.Nikola Tesla was a great man . he don't thought only of him but he thought for the world.Nikola tesla was the man who make the electricity used by people.

The Nikola's secret of electricity is the best inventions all the time.

The secret to use free energy is now revealed and many people know about this secret from many sources like internet and some periodicals. the way to generate electricity . you can save bills by the Nikola tesla secret and save their money instead of paying on bills.

When we  hear about the Nikola Tesla Secret of the free generator, this could be very clear to ask that it is really true that the energy generators took place in the world at very good level. today i may like to taught you about that what had happened to me and my friends some days ago and  you may also make up your mind according to our mind like we have made. i and my friends some days ago come across a most known book  called "secret of Nikola Tesla" and I and my friends will never or neither be the same all the time! I and my friends usually avoid the literature which confronts the value of the system but this book contained some very good ways and the secret of Nikola Tesla information and secret about people who have made huge money invested on the bills. The two and most good and most memorable achievements described were by Nikola Tesla. NIKOLA was of the small stature but had built a huge monument which he called "Coral Castle" using electromagnetic manipulation which are discovered by him. He is till now  remembered for the work he had done for world today for recording his magnetism of the knowledge in the book which is on secret and on the moral education.

Nikola Tesla was The man behind the free energy generator Plans and make the world problems solution.

 Nikola Tesla, was at those one stage which is known as the most intelligent man on the planet ever born as he had done so good work for the world, even more he so than Albert Einstein is also a good man and very knowledge full. Tesla was a hugely talented and a very good scientist and some of his patents still like him as today's top scientists.

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                                       Nikola Tesla Secret

Nikola Tesla Secret That Is How To Generate Electricity Via 100 yrs. Old Device

Nikola Tesla is called as the father of electricity.He invented a device that will help all of us. as we have to pay a very huge amount on bills.this is the secret of Nikola Tesla.Nikola Tesla invented a device before the death of him and we all use his secret till now as he is the father of electricity.Nikola Tesla lived in his uncle's home and invented the device at that place.

Nikola Tesla

 Nikola tesla got many orders for his invention from all over the world. As he has invented such a device that helped all over the world to become light-full even at night .

He make the world to get a bright future as at now without electricity we can't do anything . our 97% of work is dependent on electricity.electricity came as a god in our lives.

He did a great work for the world and this is the secret of him . today we are going to forget him but we shouldn't do this as he has given us the most important thing to us which is known as :- ELECTRICITY

He don't think only of him . he also think of the world and gave a secret to some people and countries through which the whole world get the method of using and generating electricity.

                                          Tesla think the other way 

He took a different pathway for his future and today we are living only on this pathway as we are very dependent on electricity .

He is a great man. and his brilliant experiments gave us all the ease of access.

Nikola Tesla

  The features of his invention are :-

The electricity can do 97% of our daily work

Electricity is most helpful for us in many ways

Electricity can save the fossil fuels

Electricity can save the minerals and natural resources

Exhaustion will be stopped by electricity of resources and fossil fuels.  

To use Power in Any Electrical appliance or Device – The most energy that is  used will go into anything as very  small as the light bulb to a big appliance  refrigerator! or computer!

Energy which can be or that is  Transportable and that can used very much – look your Tesla invented Device whenever or wherever you need electricity, even in the remote places and high altitude places.

An Easy access to Use, Instant electricity making System – Everyone will and can put this device together to satisfy their need of electricity.

FREE of cost as using  Electricity – This don't be a matter if it's day or night or it is evening or afternoon. You'll use and get free of cost electricity! that's a miracle which is invented by NIKOLA TESLA.


“The Electricity and Electric Power is all where Present In not limited but unlimited Quantities allover the world, It could start The World's Machinery and all machines  Without The Need Of petroleum, coal, any gas Or Any Other Fuel in the world”                                          Nikola Tesla